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Savings are the backbone of any family progress and we have you covered. Any Sicher Mayor branch nearby your location can be chosen for opening a deposit account. We have both Fixed Deposit schemes as well as the Daily deposits.

FD (Monthly Income Scheme)

  • FD Amount – 10 lakh
  • Monthly Income @ FD Rates
  • The rate for Age up to 60 – *10.15%
  • The rate for Senior Citizen – *10.65%

*Interest rate is subject to change periodically or even intermittently and the same be confirmed with the office in person.

Easy Daily Deposit

This savings scheme is aimed at small shop owners and self-employed daily savers.

  • Amount collected at the doorsteps.
  • Daily or frequent collection.
  • Minimum amount as per the convenience.
  • A general interest rate is applicable.